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NETGEAR RAX40 – AX3000 Setup

When accessing NETGEAR RAX40 you need to be connected with your router to access

  • Using in your browser you can manage your router.
  • Access the address in the browser and log in with your credentials.
  • If you are using correct login details you can access the page.
  • Router page can help you to change its settings.
  • If you cannot remember the login details then you can use forget option.
  • It’s a default option which appears on its own.
  • Using your router serial number and answering security questions you can find the login information.
  • is not working

Steps given above can help you to login to router page but if it is not working then you can check troubleshooting steps.

  • Make sure you are connected to your router.
  • Check the address you are typing only.
  • You can use Default IP address to login.
  • Use Ethernet cable from router to PC to access page.
  • Reset the router also helps when login page is not working.
  • Once login is done you can use quick setup or step wizard will start the setup.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Always select help me choosing option for easy setup.
  • For advance user you can change the setup option.

These steps are only valid if your cable connection and internet connection is good. Check the instruction for cables.

Connecting Your Router

  • You should have working internet.
  • Ethernet cable from modem or wall should be connected to router internet port.
  • Ethernet cable from router to PC.
  • Make sure power LED is solid green or white.

Issues you can face when login into router page

  • Web address for netgear router is not valid or working.
  • Login details are not valid.
  • Cannot change wireless name or password.
  • Administrator password not changing.
  • Device list is not showing devices.
  • Internet showing not connected.
  • Wireless keeps on disconnecting.
  •  Firmware upgrades not working.